24 Series Finale Review + Wrap Footage + Kiefer's Interview (No Spoilers)

24 Series Finale Review

Ένας κωλόφαρδος γκαντέμης είδε το φινάλε της ΥΠΕΡΣΕΙΡΑΣ και μεταξύ άλλων έγραψε και τα εξής:

"Monday night's two-hour finale of Fox's "24" is a bloody mess. It's that good, and yes, we expected no less. Like "The Sopranos," "The Shield" and other A-list crime-and-morality dramas, "24" doesn't pretend that the end of the show means injustice, corruption and evil can magically be made to disappear."

"It shouldn't be any major spoiler to say that in the end, neither Jack Bauer nor "24" leaves us with any rosy illusions about saving or cleaning up the world. Jack never stops trying to make his corner a little better, however, and in the process, he closes out "24" the same way he ushered it in: as a fast-paced, first-rate action-adventure that pauses just long enough to show us a heart."

Βαθμολογία: 4/5

Πηγή: NYDailyNews (έχει μερικά spoilers)

24 Series Finale - Wrap Footage

(Στα πρώτα 20 δευτερόλεπτα δεν έχει ήχο)

24 Series Finale - Kiefer Sutherland's interview