10 Things You'll See In The Hobbit 2 And 3 [EMPIRE]

"When we left Bilbo, Thorin and his band of dwarves they were perched on top of a cliff after Gandalf dialled 1-800-EAGLE. The next stage of their adventures sees them tackling vengeful orcs, a helter-skelter barrel ride and a fire-breathed dragon bastard called Smaug, before careering towards an apocalyptic finale at the Battle of Five Armies. Only five armies, you ask? Well, there’s more to the story. A lot more – and much of it never appeared in Tolkien’s original novel. Here are ten things to prepare for."

Short Film - Malaria

"MALARIA tells the story of Fabiano, a young Mercenary who is hired to kill Death.
This short film combines Origami, Kirigami, Time lapse, nankin illustration, Comic Books and Western Cinema."