IFMagazine - 24 Series Finale Review: Gloriously Unpredictable!!!

IFMagazine: "It's hard to believe that Jack Bauer is clocking out, but it does so in its usual gloriously unpredictable and awesome way."

"Jack, as the producers have stated over and over again, is a tragic hero. He’s perhaps one of the most tragic in the history of long-form television and perhaps the most kick-ass anti-action hero ever. He has morals and standards, but he also will stop at nothing to do what’s right – or get revenge for a loved one."

"If you’ve been a casual fan, a long-time faithful or just want to see what all the fuss is about – it’s worth checking out where 24 ends and get a reminder why it’s one of the greatest and most ground-breaking series of all time. TV will never be the same, and, sadly, nothing will ever be able to replace the magic that was Jack Bauer and the ferocious bad-ass he proved to be for eight, awesome seasons." (όχι, δεν τα έγραψα εγώ...)

Μερικά ακόμα αποσπάσματα από την "κριτική" του IFMagazine (ΧΩΡΙΣ SPOILERS):

"I have to say, I’ve been a fan of 24 since the very first Day that aired back in 2001. It was a show that had a bold concept that, against anyone’s better judgement, should not have worked – let alone last eight years.

Even after the super cool, groundbreaking first year, Fox was reluctant to renew the series for a second season unless the producers figured if they could pull the concept again. And at some point, there was discussion of actually modifying the real-time format.

Thank goodness sanity and creative ingenuity paid off.

Now, in its eighth and last season, we’ve had a somewhat rocky beginning that’s transformed into one of the best second halves of the series to date."

"Hence, we get Dirty Harry times ten as Jack has went on a bloodthirsty rampage killing, maiming and destroying anyone who had anything to do with the death of #"

"What we’ve been treated to is some of the most insane Jack Bauer action ever – culminating with last week’s episode of him in body armor gear (dig that crazy leather-like mask)"

"Damn, it’s been that good."

"So, with Jack breaking so many laws, protocol and effectively turning into a one-man judge, jury and executioner, there didn’t seem like much hope for him in the two-hour season finale.

"I’m not going to spoil anything here for long-time viewers (you can read our more formal, plot heavy review on Tuesday), but I will say the final two-hours wraps things up in a way that is completely in line with the 24 universe.

"The ending isn’t mysterious like THE SOPRANOS and it isn’t overly gushy and sentimental like many shows wrapping things up (though, the producers did find a way to get a couple of really powerful emotional beats in there that will satisfy die-hard fans)."

"It’s actually a really good place for the series to end (and, perhaps, for the film franchise to begin).

Sutherland has let the weight of all eight seasons really inform his performance and character. With so many characters that have come in and out during the last eight years, it’s always been Jack that have kept the show’s anchor firmly into the ground.

How else could a series, eight years in, continually swap out most of its major cast and introduce new characters and still keep the show interesting and alive. That said, the produces really do deserve credit for coming up with fresh new characters year after year too.

That’s a lot of characters over eight years, and in effect, aside from Jack and Chloe, they’ve damn near come up with a whole new show every season without the new character ever feeling stale or boring."

Πηγή: IFMagazine (έχει spoilers)