The Crow - Teaser Poster & Interview [Comic-Con]

Όσον αφορά το reboot του The Crow στο Comic-Con, το είχε την αποκλειστικότητα! Και teaser poster (όπου ουσιαστικά βλέπουμε τον χαρακτήρα του Eric Draven όπως τον ξέρουμε απ΄το comic book) και συνέντευξη με Javier Gutierrez (ο σκηνοθέτης της ταινίας) και James O'Barr (ο δημιουργός του κόμικ)! Παρακάτω μπορείτε να δείτε την αφίσα και μερικά αποσπάσματα της συνέντευξης...

Αρχικά ο O'Barr ήταν τελείως αντίθετος στη δημιουργία ενός reboot: "I was 110% against it. There was no point or need for a reboot. In my mind, you could throw a $100 million at it, put Johnny Depp in it and had Ridley Scott direct and it wouldn't top what Alex Proyas and Brandon Lee did" (εννοείται αυτό!)

Αλλά τελικά άλλαξε γνώμη: "Brandon was a friend and I'd never do anything that hinted at betrayal. But what Javier told me was that he wanted to go back to the source material. Be as faithful as possible which would make it something entirely different. Proyas' film is stunning and stylized. I mean that in a good way. Nothing negative about it. Going back to the original book and keeping it grounded and realistic and dirty and gritty, it really appealed to me".

Όσο για τον πρωταγωνιστή της ταινίας, θεωρεί πως είναι ο καταλληλότερος για το ρόλο: "They were showing me pictures of actors in the make-up and I came across Luke Evans and I said, this is the guy. He has tragedy written all over his face already. The make-up magnifies this. He's got this tortured look. It's in his eyes".

Η οπτική του Gutierrez: "I love the story and I told them I'd do it because I love the story, but it's not a remake of the original. It's a new interpretation. Of course, we have to fill some parts and new elements, but there was so much beauty and passion to the original. A lot in there we could do that was never done. That's the main thing that captured my attention. We can do something original. The darkness, the beauty, the violence and love. That's what got me excited. A lot of fans responded to the original movie, but this is going to be different. This is going to give them some good gifts. We're going to pull some stuff from the original comic that's going to be tough and we're going to do it in an original and artistic way" (μεταξύ μας τώρα, αν ήταν σε στυλ Sin City το συγκεκριμένο reboot, θα'ταν πολύ γαμάτο - πιστεύω θα ταίριαζε απόλυτα με την αισθητική του κόμικ).

Η γνώμη του για τον χαρακτήρα του Draven και γιατί ο Luke Evans ταιριάζει γάντι στον συγκεκριμένο ρόλο: "The character of Eric is so complex. He's going to be sensitive when the love story comes in and it's going to be dark when the violence comes in. You have to buy that cocktail of emotions and to find an actor that can balance that in his soul and eyes is tough. He has to have that range, we need an actor. Not somebody with a pretty face. I was very lucky to get Luke. We have a good actor that can put his soul into it". Για ολόκληρη τη συνέντευξη...