24 Movie - News!!!

People are certainly starting to miss 24 now! The Kiefer Sutherland counter-terrorism drama kept people excited but all good things must come to an end. Luckily, the DVD boxset is being released today to keep us all entertained. To celebrate, we caught up with the show's executive producer Howard Gordon to chat about the show and the 24 movie.

Moving on, how far along are you with the 24 movie?
"There is a script. It's being read by Fox now. There's no schedule, there's no green light, there's no plans right now in terms of a calendar for it. But we're working on it."
(πράσινο φως, άναψε... ΑΝΑΨΕ!!! #Uri_Geller_mode_on)

You just mentioned it's good to see Jack somewhere exotic. There have been lots of rumours that the movie will be partially set in the UK. Can you say anything about that?
"Right now the UK is a location, Prague is a location and Serbia. And China."
(Δεν περίμενα να ακούσω για Σερβία και Κίνα...)

Do you think there'll be more than one movie?
"I think the intent is actually hopefully to build a franchise and [writer] Billy Ray says he's got three."
(Άρχισαν ήδη να τρέμουν τα γκοντφαδεράκια... :p)

When does the movie pick up after the end of season eight?
"It's roughly 18 months."

Can you tell me anything about the plot?
"No. Only because it's such a work in progress that anything I say could be invalid tomorrow. We're a couple of weeks away, I think one way or the other we'll know more shortly."
(θα περιμένω όμως... Άντε ακόμα;)

What about which cast members will be back?
"I can tell you... again even that is way subject to change, but right now I can tell you that Chloe... How about Chloe, I'll give you Chloe."

source: 24spoilers.com
original source: digitalspy.co.uk (full interview with season 8 spoilers)

Σας είχα πει πως ο Sutherland επρόκειτο να επισκεφθεί την Ιαπωνία... Τελικά όντως πήγε και μίλησε και για την ταινία:

"The main difference of the film will be that it will be a two hour presentation of a 24 hour day. It will not be in real time, which will free the writers up greatly. It is very feasible to fly from the United States to Japan and still have a lot of stuff to do. We can never do that in real time because the flight is 14 hours, that would just not be very good watching"

"It's a little early for me to say, but some amazing filmmakers have made themselves available to make the film and so we're very excited*. It's going to look, I think, very different than the show and again, the time format is gonna create a lot of elements too, but there's also going to be... you know... there gonna be circumstances that are gonna be very similar. It's gonna be a bad day and Jack Bauer will somehow find himself in the middle of it"