A New Era of Sci-Fi is Upon Us - Looking Ahead to Worlds That Await!

"Welcome to what we've unceremoniously dubbed the "big ass list of upcoming sci-fi movies" for 2013 and beyond. While researching and writing the editorial, we collected (in chronological order based on the expected release) a complete list of any/all upcoming science fiction projects. That includes a few horror and post-apocalyptic crossovers, but mostly anything that is true sci-fi in a more cosmic sense. It's not only important, but kind of fascinating, to get a glimpse at the future of sci-fi in one big helping - which is why we wanted to share this. Here are all the reasons why we're so enthusiastic about this new era that we're in.

Looking ahead, here is our definitive list of over 60+ upcoming sci-fi projects currently in the works at this moment. These are the upcoming batch of movies that will push the genre further than its been before."