The Dark Knight Rises - First Reactions & IMAX Teaser!

From The Dark Knight Rises Hype Facebook group: As far as audience reaction, there were only 40-50 ppl in attendance (mostly critics), but there was applause and I leaned over and shook Michael Uslan's hand and congratulated him when his name appeared in the credits. I, myself, cried twice...once out of sadness and once out of pure geeky uncontrollable happiness.

@marcogennuso: Vince just saw Dark Knight Rises at a press screening & says: "Wow. Quite speechless at the moment....TDKR was everything I wanted it to be"

@TomMcAuliffe: Just finished the screening of Dark Knight much awesome...can't wait to see it again. And again. and "9 out of 10 for me. I'd put Amazing Spider-Man at a 7.5 and Avengers at an 8.5"

Tom McAuliffe again: "To your original question - there are things I criticize in every film, but this one measures high on many measures. There will be some surprises but not big ones, the beauty of the film is how well it tells the story. Tom Hardy was incredible as Bane, the storyline was fantastic. I think the Joker is far more iconic than Bane, with more memorable quotes, but this story was great, including Bane's origin. Godfather 3 never happened. Xmen 3 & Spider-Man 3 were awful, this film was the perfect final chapter in the trilogy."


@marcogennuso: "Love the Joker....but Bane's plan is more creative, better executed, and a little more fun to watch as it all unfolds"

@ZachPincus: "The Dark Knight Rises is not only easily the best Batman movie yet, but now one of my favorite movies I've ever seen. It was unbelievable!"

@cmfcknw: Critic after The Dark Knight Rises screening: “If this does not break the mold and win Best Picture, no comic book movie ever will.”

Τέλος, οι latimes αναφέρουν για το φινάλε: "The third act of the third film delivers a series of jolting twists and jarring turns and an exclamation point climax. Nolan’s finale takes Batman and his on-screen mythology to a place it has never been before."