C'mon Hollywood: Don't let the 24 movie slip away! [ joblo.com ]

Όλο λέω πως δεν θα ξανακάνω άλλη ανάρτηση για την 24ταινία (μέχρι να βγει καμιά επίσημη ανακοίνωση για σκηνοθέτη, ηθοποιούς κι έναρξη γυρισμάτων δηλαδή) κι όλο βρίσκω αφορμές... Αυτή τη φορά η αφορμή ήταν η ανάρτηση του joblo.com... Απλά θα παραθέσω μερικά αποσπάσματα:

"With eight seasons of hard-hitting action, drama, suspense, and political intrigue, 24 stands as one of the most successful drama series on television. It was an instant hit, winning numerous Emmy and Golden Globe awards, including best dramatic series and best actor for star Keifer Sutherland."

"In terms of action and violence, the show definitely pushed the boundaries and capitalized on shock value, killing off characters you’d never expect to die."

"Keifer Sutherland took ownership of his role as Bauer and brought a ferocious intensity, wit, smarts, and brutality, all of which you would hope and expect from an agent of his caliber."

"The producers chose to end the show on a high note with the intent of continuing Jack Bauer’s journey on the big screen. However, two years later, a number of things have stalled the process and therein lays the problem."

"It’s a blast to watch Jack do his thing, whether it be shooting, punching, kicking, blowing shit up, cutting off heads, whatever. He is a master of his trade and I want to see him do all of those things in a packed IMAX theater with a bigger budget and slew of guest stars."

"Sutherland needs to put Bauer at the forefront of his career. It’s unlikely that his new show, Touch, is going to catch on. It’s compelling, but not enough to be involved with for an extended period of time. I foresee a cancellation after two seasons. That’s another two years wasted, when 24 could have already been established on the big screen."

"24 has the potential to be a golden goose for all involved, and for us fans, a chance to enjoy the action heroics of one of the most kick ass characters created in a long time. For non-fans, it’s a chance to discover the awesome and see what all the fuss was about. It’s a career-defining role for Sutherland, one he’ll never escape, let alone top, so why not make the most of it? Fans often lament the absence of true action heroes in cinema today and rightfully so. Jack Bauer is the answer to fill that void. Let’s hope all involved take stock of what they have and deliver what we all deserve; another chapter in the Jack Bauer legacy."

Όσοι είστε fans της σειράς, αξίζει να διαβάσετε ολόκληρο το άρθρο...