LOST-Season 6 Fan Made "It Only Ends Once" Trailer!!!

ΠΡΟΣΟΧΗ: Μόνο για όσους έχουν δει και την 5η σεζόν...

ΥΓ: Πάντως ο Hugo έχει απόλυτο δίκιο...

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bauer24 είπε...

Cuse, on Jack and Locke: [They've] always been at the center of the show, that dilemma of faith vs. reason, and the conflict between those two characters has been there since the beginning. It's very exciting to bring that relationship to its conclusion, and we can't really be any less vague about that.

Lindelof, on the central series question: The only question that's ever mattered to us is what is going to happen to these people. What is the character resolution? That the audience feels like the characters had an arc -- a beginning, middle and end. And I'm satisfied with that. All the crazy island mythology stuff, we love it, but it's like terrorists attacking Jack Bauer - it's stuff that happens in order to tell cool character stories.

ΥΓ: Με την αναφορά στον Jack Bauer έπαθα πλάκα!!! Ακόμα και οι δημιουργοί του LOST προσκυνούν τον Jack... :P

lt.aldo raine είπε...

μη χάσεις:}

άντε πλησιάζουμε.

lt.aldo raine είπε...

telika o obama pire to mpoulo...tha doume kanonika lost

bauer24 είπε...

1. Δε γίνεται να χάσω... ακόμα και να προσπαθήσω, απλά δεν χάνω ρε γμτ (έχω αυτό το ελάττωμα :( )!!! :P :/ :/ :/

2. Που διάβασες πως είναι σίγουρο πως θα το δούμε κανονικά;;;

ΥΓ: Απλά να διορθώσω λίγο αυτό που είπε ο Lindelof για τον Jack Bauer... Δεν επιτίθενται οι τρομοκράτες στον Jack, o Jack επιτίθεται στους τρομοκράτες (καλά, μπορεί και να υπερβάλλω λίγο). :P ;) :/

lt.aldo raine είπε...

και οι γαύροι τα ίδια έλεγαν και τώρα τους παγώνει ο κώλος στους -5:}

στο subs

είπαμε ρε είναι απόγονος του τσακ νορις;}

bauer24 είπε...

1. Ναι, αλλά εγώ δεν είμαι γαυράκι... :P ;)

2. Κι αυτός που το΄γραψε εκεί, που το διάβασε;;;

ΥΓ: Τον κακό σου τον καιρό. Δεν έχουν καμία σχέση.

lt.aldo raine είπε...

ε όλο και κάποιος γαύρος θα υπάρχει εδώ γύρο:}

έχει 2-3 link άμα δεις.

εννοείτε...ο τσακ είναι θρύλος:}

bauer24 είπε...

Μην τους στεναχωρείς τώρα κι αρχίσουν τα κλάματα.. :P

ΥΓ: Γαύρος είναι κι αυτός δηλαδή;;; Άρα κάπου θα κλαίει... :P Και για να τελειώνει εδώ αυτή η συζήτηση... πάρε μερικά facts:

1. Ordinary people have panic attacks. Chuck Norris has Jack Bauer's attacks!

2. If Jack Bauer were gay, he would be Chuck Norris

3. Jack Bauer named his cat 'Chuck Norris.' Why? Because he's a pussy.

4. Chuck Norris told Jack Bauer that he only killed 15 people cause he ran out of bullets. Jack told him he only killed 93 people cause he ran out of people. Then Jack snapped Chuck Norris' neck into 24 pieces.

5. When Jack Bauer is bored, he goes next door and kick's his neighbor's ass. His neighbor is Chuck Norris.

6. Chuck Norris can drink an entire gallon of milk in thirty-seven seconds. Jack bauer doesn't drink milk. Milk is for pussies.

7. jack bauer didn't cry when he was born. but Chuck norris did.

8. Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer once got into a fight, the event is commonly known as the Big Bang. If you want to know who won, just ask yourself when was the last time you saw a new episode of Walker Texas Ranger?

9. Chuck Norris counted to infinity - twice. He did this while counting how many terrorists were killed by Jack Bauer.

10. Jack Bauer has had sex with every woman in the world, including Chuck Norris.

11. Time waits for no man, unless that man is Chuck Norris. Death waits for everyone, unless Jack Bauer happens to show up at his door. Then Death crawls under his bed and starts to cry.

12. Chuck Norris drives a Dodge Ram. Jack Bauer drives whatever the hell he wants.

13. Jack Bauer once went on a fishing trip to the mountains with Chuck Norris. When Chuck started to act sexually towards Jack, Jack was forced to break Chuck's back. They've called the mountain "Brokeback" ever since.

14. Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer. Jack Bauer makes Chuck Norris cry so that his tears will cure cancer. No one else can make Chuck Norris cry.

15. Jack Bauer once ate some bad food and took the hugest shit in human existence. That shit is Chuck Norris.

16. Last night, I saw Jack Bauer go into a bar, and 3 minutes later Rambo, Chuck Norris and the guy from Commando came limping out crying like little girls...

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